Chapter I: Dame Dietrich

The first project that debuted under the Et in Archadia concept was my 'Dame Dietrich' collection, based on the magnificent femme fatale Marlene Dietrich.

Out of all the actresses of that 'golden era' of movies, Marlene Dietrich has to be my favourite. Whilst I admire Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Ginger Rogers and all those of such style, to me Marlene Dietrich existed a step above them all.

She broke so many boundaries and set so many trends: she wore trousers, suits and kissed a woman in a movie- unheard of for timid women of the 30s and 40s!

My collection tried to capture her enigmatic and slick spirit portrayed through different characters in her films.

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Domini by ~warui-chan on deviantART

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