The Academy

I am a graduate of The Australian Academy of Design, and it's a tidy warehouse that houses amazing talent. Since it's private, it isn't as big or as well-known as other Universities which suits me just fine.

It nurtures each student and allows them to grow into their styles, challenging them to find their own way. I started here in 2009, and here are a few of my finished creations.

'Remembrance Red'; a 1930s evening gown based on the WWI poppy

Going up by ~warui-chan on deviantART

Ready for my close-up by ~warui-chan on deviantART

'If Dali met Dior'; Salvador Dali and Christian Dior concept

A Young Surrealist Woman by ~warui-chan on deviantART

A Surrealist Spring by ~warui-chan on deviantART

'The Rose in Red'; 1950s garden concept

Rose in Red by ~warui-chan on deviantART

'Holly's Ascot Dress'; Eliza Doolittle & Holly Golightly LBD

The Rain in Spain... by ~warui-chan on deviantART

Of Pearls and Lace by ~warui-chan on deviantART

Check out the 'Et in Archadia' page for the beginnings of my label.